Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rome in 3D!

1st Floor
2nd Floor

So Hubby had some extra time on his hands and found a great program to see what your house will look like before the walls even go up on your lot! I am definitely going to use this to start planning out where my furniture will go- check it out! The website is and the link to our particular elevation is below.  We've also added Amanda's photos from one of the models just for those who really want a virtual tour of the home. (I can only hope to have my home as nicely decorated as this one day!)


  1. This is awesome! I love my Roman countrymen! You all are so creative! It makes this building process so exciting and it's not just the Roman countrymen--IT'S EVERYBODY!!

    EVERYONE provides information/resources/tools/tips for the bloggers and it makes building our homes so much easier and exciting!

  2. Cool. This reminds me of some another rendering I saw a little while back- there was also some exterior. If anyone wants to see the 3D per plan go to

  3. This is incredible! You can rotate it and everything. I love being able to see the pictures more in context.

    It just so happens that I was at the model today and took more pictures to fill in the blanks...I'm downloading them from my camera now and hopefully I can post them tonight. :)