Monday, March 25, 2013

Time flies!!!!

Hello all! As with many moving into our new home has taken up all of our time and we now find ourselves past the 30 day mark and wondering where the time has gone. We love our new home and its hard to imagine a time when we didn't live here...well at least until about 6am every morning when construction on our neighbors homes resume! A lot has gone on inside our own home though so here is a rundown:

Our closing went great! Other than a minor detail on some paperwork that we had to wait for, we were done in a relatively short amount of time- about 45 minutes. Yay! As with many we had our NVR woes throughout the process but overall it wasn't too bad. I was pretty happy though to get a letter in the mail a few weeks ago saying that NVR had sold our loan to Wells Fargo. We had our previous loan with them and they made it easy to manage.

Moving in was pretty hectic but with the help of family and friends we were able to get everything in pretty quickly. I am Almost finished unpacking all the boxes yet I feel that as soon as I finish one box another appears in its place a if there is an magical place that stores them.

We did, however, experience more construction chaos on our very first morning in the house.  Apparantly, unbeknownst to us, our house came with a waterfall feature in the kitchen...just one of the "free upgrades" you might ask?  Yep...we go down into the kitchen after hubby takes a shower and find a significant leak coming from one of the pot lights in the kitchen.  Catastrophe!!!  So on the very first day in our new home we had almost EVERY one of the sub contractors back in the house...plumber, drywall, painter, electrician...they were all back in the house.  I have to say that PM and assistant PM were great about getting everything coordinated and fixed as soon as possible so that we didn't have to deal with the problem for long.  Of course, this happened on a day that I had several deliveries scheduled so not only were the subs in and out of the house, but our new TV was delivered and our blinds installed (I reccommend paying $118 to Home Depot to have it installed...they were very professional and had the entire house done in less than an hour).  To fix the issue in the ceiling they had to cut a hole the size of my island into the ceiling to make sure that there wasn't any wet drywall left behind.  According to my assistant PM, the seal around the drain pipe in the master bath shower broke when weight was put on it along with hot water.  It appears that when the seal was installed, it did not set properly presumably due to the extremely cold temperatures that we've experienced this winter.  So when we went to use the shower, it came loose causing the leak.  PM and asst PM were great about getting this resolved as quickly as possible.  I can, however, still see the patch in the kitchen where they cut into the drywall so that will be something that I add to our 1yr paint/drywall list. 

Here are pics of the winter wonderland that we've experienced in our house (including just last night! its beautiful but when is spring coming???)


  1. Congrats on getting in! Seems like that is a common issue.... We just had the same thing happen!

  2. Awesome... got word today transcripts are in, so hoping to close this week... will now more soon!

  3. The view is beautiful from your home...although I don't miss the snow!