Saturday, September 29, 2012


So after a 2 hr meeting to select colors (our SR was very patient but we were coming close to being the longest color selection meeting he's ever had!) here are some of our selections:

For the outside of the house- Graphite Grey siding, Autumn buckeye partial stone, Savanna Moss brick for the foundation, black shutters and Wine red door with the standard white trim for the windows and porch. Kitchen cabinets- Wyoming cherry square bordeaux with Giollo Ornamental granite.  The master bath will have the same cabinets but the white marble countertops (the standard option) and the guest bathroom will have Scottsdale Maple cognac with the marble. (Anyone notice that these options make you want to go out for drinks?)  We still have to select the floors which will be hardwood in the Foyer, LR, DR, Kitchen downstairs bath and Morning Room. The rest of the house will be carpet.  All of which we will select in a couple of weeks.


  1. Gorgeous selection! That granite looks very nice with the Cherry Bordeaux!

  2. Hi Abby! The granite is pretty, what are the colors in the granite--it must be something new that RH has added to the selections. I like the combination! Nice choices. I have not seen it before. Is it standard, upgrade 1 or upgrade 2?

    1. Upgrade 2 of course! Hubby says that my taste only goes to the highest upgrade level. LOL...the colors in the granite are a burgundy with grayish and beigish (not a word, I know!) colors.

    2. Yes of course! I am the same way Abby! Every time I pick something out its rather expensive, I just like what I like. It never fails it always tend to be pricey. When are you scheduled to break ground and when is your last selection/upgrades meeting ?