Sunday, September 16, 2012


We can't wait to call our Rome "Home Sweet Home"!  This summer has been full of exciting changes for our family and yesterday we were able to put the SOLD sign on the lot where we are going to build our new home.  After recently moving back to Virginia, starting two new jobs and moving in with the in laws (my hubby's parents) it is a dream come true to have a picture of our destination in this journey.  This blog is also a bit of a change as it is my first one and I initially thought it crazy to even be reading the blogs about everyone's experiences with home building.  But after extensively reading many of the Rome blogs that are out there and even meeting a fellow Rome blogger (you know who you are!)- I couldn't resist the urge to recount our family's experience with building our new Ryan Home.  

Our home search started long before we even moved to Virginia so when we were finally able to relocate to be closer to family, my husband and I both knew exactly what we wanted in our next home.  Some of the requirements included a 2 car garage, a front porch, a laundry ROOM (not just one of the closets that you open- if the house didn't have that it was off the list no matter what other amenities that it had), a large master suite (with LOTS of closet space- mainly for all my shoes and all of his gray polos), a study and of course, a great kitchen with a large pantry.  The list was quite extensive (and pretty specific).  After dragging our kids to countless open houses and visiting a number of builders, we were ecstatic to find that the Rome 99.9% of everything that we were looking for.  Plus- my brother and sister in law have a Ryan Home and they love it too!

We are just in the preliminary stages of deciding on the options but we are well on our way to creating the home that works best for us.  Some of the things that we know we are getting right now-
-the Up Upgraded bathroom (my husband thinks it funny that I call it that instead of the Owners Bathroom Type E w/ soaking tub & shower Alternate layout- Can't waste words honey!)
-Morning Room with Gourmet Island
-One of our non standard requests: french glass doors from the family room into the study
-Elevation E (can't have rocking chairs without a front porch!)
-Side car garage (this was something that we REALLY wanted but was also included in the neighborhood specifications so YAY! for the side car garage credit!).
-Partial stone (also included with the side car garage).  I'm thinking something similar to this color palette.

I'll include more of the options later, but I wanted to thank all you bloggers- especially my fellow Romers for all of the helpful tips and stories about your experiences.  It has helped us decide on several options and given us great ideas for our own Rome Sweet Home.


  1. Yes, I know who I am! :D Congrats on the SOLD sign, can't wait to see what else you pick for your options. Do you know if your Rome will be per plan or reversed yet? The model we met in was reversed, the model in my new neighborhood is per plan. Might be worth the trek if you're per plan, so you can see what you're really getting.

    Looking forward to reading about your journey! :)

    1. Hey there Amanda! Our Rome will be reversed with the driveway on the left just like the model we were at. Any pics from the model in your neighborhood would be great as it might give me some more great ideas. We're working on our upgrade/options list right now (you know how they are about getting that done in 14 days!)

  2. Welcome Welcome Welcome Abby & Paul to the RH Family Blog Land!!!

    We are building our ROME in Maryland! I am so happy to see other Rome models being built!! I look forward to watching your progress! What is the name of your community?

    Please visit us at our site and click join this site to follow our journey at

    You may also want to include a join this site button on your blog so that others can follow your blog too! And if you decide too disenable the word verification so that bloggers will be able to leave a comment without having to verify a word. HAPPY BUILDING!!!

    1. Abby, are you asking for a 15 panel window door on your study? If so, it automatically comes with the Rome home unless you are asking for something different.

  3. Hi Rick and Nadase! Thanks for all of the input! We are super excited about the process and ultimately the end result. For our study we are asking for french doors and our SR said that would be one of our non standard requests. I'm not sure how many panels, but it would be 2 doors so it would have to be a custom cut out to fit the doors. But if you have a picture of the 15 panel window door for the study we could also look at considering that (it would certainly save us some money!) Thanks so much for your help.

  4. Congrats!

    I look forward to following you, we're breaking ground in early October

    We're building a Rome C and really hoping to have a porch approved as a non-standard request.