Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PLEASE READ- if you are building a ROME with 42 inch cabinets

For all my fellow Rome bloggers or those contemplating building a Ryan Homes Rome model- beware of the bulkhead if you have chosen to upgrade your kitchen cabinets to 42 inches!  With 42 inch cabinets it may leave you very little space- 14 inches to be exact- between countertop/top of the stove to the bottom of the cabinets.  Its not a close up picture but you can see how close the microwave is to the stove...standing in front of the stove/microwave Hubby couldn't even see the knobs to the stove and my crab boiling pot would certainly not fit in the small space!!! With our closing just a few short weeks away, we were frustrated that this wasn't noticed by our PM prior to the cabinets being installed or even when the bulkhead was being finished.  When we visited the ROME model we noticed that the bulkhead was jogged up to accommodate for the 42 inch cabinets but that in our home this was not done.  PM assured us that it would get corrected and earlier this week I visited the house to find someone working on jogging the bulkhead up the 4 inches that we would need to have adequate clearance for the appliances (Timberlake manuals, appliance manuals and many of the county codes require there to be 18 inches between countertop and bottom of cabinets).  So when looking to upgrade your cabinets in the Rome model make sure you keep an eye on the bulkead above where the cabinets will sit so that they don't have to cut into the drywall to fix something that could have been avoided.
Not a close up but you can see how close the microwave is to the stove.

The guy showing me how far up he was going bring the bulkhead.

The now jogged bulkhead...everything should fit now!  Such a relief as the refrigerator is non returnable and I just love by big coffee pot too much to downsize! 


  1. I'm glad they were able to fix the bulkhead so everything will fit!

  2. I wish I'd realized that the cabinets were so low...we don't really have any large appliances like coffee makers, but it does make it hard to get knives in and out of our knife block. It didn't occur to us because our microwave isn't above our stove, so it wasn't obvious. :)

  3. Yeah. It's crazy. In the models it's not like that so we were surprised that they hung them so low in the house. I know you've been in more than 30 days but i would see if they could fix it for you. Timberlake and the appliances say that there should be 18in between the countertops and the top cabinets.

    By the way- goes that double oven- cook anything good yet?

  4. Hi Abby,

    As usual, it's different from region to region! The 42" cabinets are standard in the homes. I am not having any challenges with the cabinets. I have the clearance of 18 inches. Our PM is a stickler about the codes and I know they changed the codes with the microwaves and venting. Most people now do not have to pay to vent to their microwave outside the house. I checked the opening of the largest fridge RH offered to be certain the fridge I chose would fit in the standard opening. I really didn't want a fridge that would fit to far out from the counter and/or overpower the space in the kitchen. My husband always had a APB out on me because I was obsessed with measuring everything. lol

    It's nice to see that you caught this hiccup/blooper before you closed. What size fridge and model did you purchase? I still have clearance on both sides and above the fridge.

  5. We are building a Rome with the 42 inch cabinets and have been assured that due to code compliance we shouldn't have any problems, but thanks to your blog I am keeping and eye on it.