Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fill 'er up!

I arrived at the lot just in time to see the concrete going in for our foundation.  I was able to spend some time with a very nice engineering inspector who was there to oversee the process. I learned all about how he and his wife should be retired but when she decided to go back to work he needed something to do because afterall there were only so many conversations you could have with a dog...I also learned that in our county there were regulations that required inspectors to be there during the entire process.  He also mentioned that minimum requirement for the concrete was 8in but that on our lot they were pouring 24in almost all the way around- which according to him makes it so that "you're lot ain't goin to settle hardly at all and you ain't paying extra for all that concrete"  After discussing the history of how my county's inspection system evolved to what it is now (being one of the only ones in these parts that has such stringent requirements) he talked about what a great job they had done in grading the lot and that we shouldn't get any standing water on our lot. YAY!!!!  Because we are bloggers and love visuals, here are the pics:
The Pumper (don't think that's what its called but its what I named it)

The guy in the overalls on the very right is the owner of the company.  Apparantly he makes it out to almost every site to work with his team.  When I left they were almost done pouring the concrete in the channels.  Hubby stopped by later and took these pics:
Front of the house
 Back of the house (family room with fireplace)
Back of the house (morning room)
Left side of the house (garage looking towards living room)
If all goes as planned we should have the crawl space bricks in by the weekend!


  1. One of the things I enjoyed the most was talking to the men getting those details. Great shots!!

  2. It's interesting that they only poured concrete where the walls and supports are going to be. At least that is what it looks like. Was there a reason they didn't go with a slab? Like pouring deeper concrete in the specific channels as opposed to a wider but thinner slab?

    1. I guess I used the wrong terminology. They layed the footers down and then will come back with the foundation slab. The footers are just where all of the support walls will be in the house.

  3. Oh, and Kelly had some suggestions about the whole wine refrigerator thing. You'll have to talk to her some time about it, she's very good with spacial organization.