Saturday, November 3, 2012

Holding Pattern...and a wine refrigerator...

Hello bloggers! Its been awhile since I've posted but there really hasn't been much to report.  We are in a holding pattern on the start of construction but it is entirely by choice.  Our SR called and said that all of our plans got the approvals that we needed and that they could actually start our home earlier than anticipated.  While we were excited to have the approvals, an earlier start would mean an earlier settlement which doesn't fall in line with our budget to get the last of the downpayment that we will need to bring to us for closing.  So we decided to wait and go with the original schedule...although reading everyone's posts about the progress on their houses I almost wish that we had!

On another note, I am a little sad because I decided that I want a wine refrigerator in my island.  Of course, I decided this after the changes and final options were put in...wonder how much its going to cost to get them to leave an open space in the island and to put an electrical outlet on the inside?  Guess I will have to wait to talk to my PM about other bloggers I am not really getting any more answers from him other than "we can talk to your PM about this during the pre-construction meeting." Well, if we talk about all the things that he suggested I talk to the PM about then I might rival Rick and Nadase's 6hr meeting time.  After all, our meeting to select colors for the house was over 2hrs. =)


  1. With all of our questions (we had an SR that kept saying ask the PM) I thought we would rival Nadase's meeting too, but we didn't even come close. I think she's going to hold that record for quite some time. =)

    Good luck getting the space and outlet for the wine fridge!

  2. Hi Abby, still good news that you will be building your ROME!! YAY!! When will they actually start on your home? Did you establish your pre con and break ground dates?

    LOL We are expecting a long electrical wiring meeting on Wednesday--not sure how long but we do have a lot to cover. Our PM joked and said, coffee will be on us this time. Iol My goal is to be prepared as possible for the meeting because it's cold outside. We have to walk through and mark all the spots for wiring.

  3. Hi Nadase! We are supposed to be having our pre construction meeting on Wednesday. Guess we'll both be giving blog land some updates mid week. Any suggestions of what we should definitely cover with our PM? You are, after all, the expert at the pre con mtgs =)