Thursday, November 29, 2012

The foundation, grading and a passed inspection...

Its been a few days since our last many of you know first hand the holidays can be quite hectic with not much time to post updates.  We did however, have a couple of opportunities to visit the lot and we found that progress has been very quick and so much has happened with our house. Take a look!

I think the crew thinks we're crazy taking so many pictures.  There were a number of amused looks on their faces =)  The following day we returned to the lot and found that the crew was very efficient:

There is a good sized opening into our crawl space so we'll have plenty of room for anything that needs to be done by access house from underneath.  The vents are on the crawl space are pretty neat as well.  They open and close depending on the time of year to keep the area ventilated.  The next day (it was rainy so I think that was Monday) I took a quick trip during my lunch break for a peek at the lot...its so addictive!

The crew had leveled the inside of the crawl space and laid down protective tarp as well as prepped the floor of the garage to lay the concrete.  The lot had also been graded to reflect the shape that it will have once everything is complete.  We were pleasantly surprised that it didn't have quite as big of slope as we had expected and that there was a lot more room on the sides of the house than what we saw on the plat (those things are hard to read anyway).  And just before I left, the delivery truck came with the first loads of the wood! A quick meeting with our PM yesterday and we found that we had PASSED all the inspections and that framing starts today! Stay tuned for more pics to come...hubby and I are meeting after work to check out FRAMING DAY 1 (yes, I'm going to just use the same post title as others have...just makes it easy...=)