Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Visit Inside!

I scheduled a visit to the house with my PM so that I could see the inside of the house now that the roof was up. I was able to take some pics but was so excited by the progress that I don't think I took quite enough. Of course it is a little hard to tell where you are unless you know the layout.  The windows were being installed and they were getting ready to lay the black roof liner down. All of our options were correct except for the stairs but before I could point it out my PM mentioned it and also reassured me that it would be corrected. The framers had started putting up the frame for a wall instead of the rails with spindles. It was awesome to see that he was already on top of correcting that mistake and that I didn't have to point it out.

The only  mistake I could find (so far) but PM was ALL over it!!!  Framing for the half walls instead of the rails.  Though in some respects it could be considered purposeful as this gives them added safety feature while they are finishing the framing.

The Porch

Looking in from the front door.

Let in the light!!! This will be on of my favorite places to be in the morning...I can just picture me with a nice cup of hot coffee and the newspaper!

Roof liners

The living room windows.  Though quite low to the ground, I think that I am going to like this.  Now that I've seen them, I am glad that we didn't go with the extra window option as it would make it even more challenging for furniture placement.  Next year's Christmas tree will look GREAT in front of these windows.

A shot from the back of the house

One of my favorite shots (even if there is the backside of one of the workers in the doorway!). Like Isz Wisz- I feel that it is so huge especially since we too had to have a higher foundation due to the grading of our lot.


  1.'s like deja vu all over again! Except that we didn't have steps to our porch until this week. :) It's a good-looking house!

  2. It was just the same with me: I always wanted more pictures, but when I had a chance to be at the house I always got distracted with something else and didn't end up with as many as I wanted