Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Talk about a MAJOR Blooper!

I was hoping that I wouldn't have to make a contribution to Nadase's list of construction bloopers but unfortunately one happened in front of my eyes! I was leaving the neighborhood from my almost daily visit to the house an I made my typical stop on the road above and behind our house. I watched as a county gas employee attempted to maneuver a backhoe in a very small area between the house and the protected area. I remember thinking that he didn't have much room and that he better be careful when all of a sudden- BAM! I watched in HORROR as he got out of the massive machine and went over to the crawl space entrance. Another gas employee came over and then within seconds our assistant PM came over from the lot across the street. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay any longer (I was on a lunch break and was already running late) than to see the assistant PM get on his phone and also to get a quick glimpse of the damage- a big hole at the doorway to the crawl space. I called our PM who had already heard about from the APM. Anyway, to shorten a long story PM contacted the county inspector and presented the plans to fix the damage (which were approved). He is also getting an independent engineer to take a look at all the repairs and give us a certified letter confirming our the structural integrity of the repaired foundation. Here a pics that I took today prior to the start of the repairs.

You can't see it, but the stone is cracked about 6 ft to the right of the entryway

The BIG HOLE in our foundation!

Even the opposite side of the crawl space entry was cracked (APM assured me it was going to be part of the repairs)

The perpetrator (minus its human operator)

Pic from the inside of the crawl space

The stone has pulled away from the cinder blocks

Just like on the outside, this crack goes about 6 ft in from the entrance of the crawl space

UPDATE: Hubby sent me pics he too this afternoon. The start of repairs and siding in the back and side of the house!


  1. Wow... It seems like we have seen a lot of bloopers lately but none like this. I hope the repairs go well!

  2. Oh my gosh! That could have gotten real ugly! I really hope the repairs are solid and don't cause you problems later. Definitely document this...

  3. Abby, how did it go with the repairs!! This definitely makes the building bloopers list!! I was looking around at our foundation and found a few cracks and wondering how they plan to rectify it. I believe the exterior deserves the same love as the interior. Your house looks so grand!!