Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wiring and electrical- plug it up!

Contrary to some of our blogger buds the pre wiring visit with Structured Cable was pretty uneventful. So really nothing to write home about. The most exciting part of the meeting was actually seeing that the plumbing was further along than my earlier post. Today, however, we do have something to write about! On his way out of town Hubby decided to make an impromptu visit to the house. Good thing too! The electrician was just starting to put in the outlets and light switches. After giving me a call I hightailed it to the house (typically a 40 min drive which I clocked at approximately 30 min!). Our electrician (i shall refer to him as Sparky) was so accommodating and we spent about an hour going through each room to decide in the best placement for the outlets. Sparky had great suggestions and I was really happy that he let me be so involved in the process and that he allowed me a couple of special requests (outlet in the pantry and the master closet off the bathroom). Thank goodness Hubby just happened to stop by!


  1. Merely out of curiosity, why do you need an outlet in the pantry and closet?

  2. Sounds like perfect timing. Congrats on scoring the extra outlets.

    1. Yeah. It's one of those thIngs I think they should tell you about so that as the homeowner you can try to be there to make sure things are exactly how you want them.

  3. Not quite sure yet but I'm thinking about some kind temp controlled vegetable storage for potatoes and onions or a small wine refrigerator. For the moment it will be a lot cheaper than a renovation on my kitchen island after closing. In the closet it can be used for anything from an extra place to get dressed/do makeup or for a steamer or iron (the latter in case the ironing board won't fit in the laundry room). I guess you just never know when you might need an outlet =)

  4. Ooo, an outlet in the pantry! I like it. You could put a wine cooler in there down the road or something.

    I'm glad you're having a good experience with Structured Cable. I've been seriously disappointed with Moseley over here. We weren't consulted on a single thing, and if I hadn't visited the house I'd never have known anything was ever done. As it is I didn't get to choose my vacuum outlet locations, which seriously annoyed me.

  5. Just an FYI for future builders with Ryan: You can actually add the extra electrical with your sales team during those meetings. I actually do not recommend the 'get lucky' way, because if you miss your Sparky, then it's over.

    We added quite a few electrical items during sales meetings and at the first meeting with the PM he marked where we wanted them.