Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meeting the neighbors and more pics of the inside

It's the weekend so of course that means that we made a trip to the house. This time we arrived and the workers had already left for the day. Though we expected to have shingles on the roof we found nothing changed on the outside. But on the inside we found that the work has started in the ducts for the heating and air conditioning. I think that some of the pipes for the furnace had also been installed but I will have to confirm that with PM next week.

We also ran into our new neighbors!!!!! They will be across the street and are about one month behind us in the home building process. We are so excited to have another family moving in so soon after us so that we won't be the only ones on the street.  And LOL...they were familiar with our blog! It really is a small world in blogland!

The Family room with fireplace (an option of course!)

Duct work in the attic

A shot of that awkward space in the laundry room

Framework for the master bathtub and shower

More duct work in the attic

Large metal pipe between one of the bedrooms and the loft

Octopus legs!!!!

No shingles yet..but still a pretty shot.


  1. Nice progress, it's looking good. My wife and I are just starting the process though with a different builder, reading all the blogs has helped us tremendiously in making decisions.

  2. The wood work for all those trusses supporting the double-gable roof is awesome, isn't it?!? Makes sense now seeing the metal i-beam pipe upstairs, giving support to it all.